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History of the PDA

The First Constitution of the “Association of Vocational Principals” was drawn up by Muiris De Roiste [Killorglin, Co Kerry] and accepted and revised at a meeting of Headmasters from Co Kerry and Co Cork at Mallow on June 21st in 1969.

  • It was modified by a sub-committee consisting of Pat O Mahoney [Carlow] and H. Finlayson [Tullow] and accepted with further modifications at the inaugural General Meeting of the Association under the title of “Cumann Ard Mháistrí na hÉireann” in Athlone in October 1969.
  • In 1971 the Association at a special convention in Athlone on January 23rd became known as” the Association of Principals of Vocational Schools”.
  • In 1977 the title of the organisation again became known as “Cumann Phríomh Oidí na nGairm Scoileanna”.
  • In 1989 the annual convention accepted a revision of the constitution to name the organisation as “Cumann Phríomh Oidí na nGairm Scoileanna agus na gColáistí Pobal” or A.P.V.S.C.C. as the Association of Principals of Vocational Schools and Community Colleges.
  • In 2004 after many years of effort the Constitution was further changed or amended to allow for the inclusion of Deputy Principals in our organisation as Cumann Príomhoidí agus Príomhoidí Tánaisteacha or the P.D.A. [Principals and Deputy Association]

It is with pride that we record this history and commend our forbearers of the organisation for their foresight to establish and change the constitution of the organisation as it was required over the years. P.D.A. as an organisation in this year 2010 is there to represent the members of Principals and Deputy Principals of our Schools at regional or national level. Be part of the forbearers and make this organisation the voice of your concerns, anxieties and realisations in the years ahead.

TUI Support for PDA

The PDA have a positive working relationship with our parent body TUI. The National executive is a sub-committee of the TUI Executive which enables us to have direct access to make representations to our parent body. PDA is actively engaged with TUI on all aspects of our Conditions of Service. The National Executive recommends that the regional rep of TUI attend all our area meetings. A member of the national executive is in attendance at our national executive meeting. This ensures that throughout the regions and executive our concerns and issues are brought to the national executive of TUI. At each executive meeting the area or regional reports are given and the national officers are afforded the opportunity of a meeting with the TUI, national officers to raise those issues and concerns.

  • National Officers and Support Officers are available by invitation to visit.
  • PDA Area reps endeavour to provide advice, support and inservice.