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Why Join PDA

  • Access to National Bodies: The national officers of PDA hold regular meetings with such bodies as the TUI, the CEOA, ETBI, DES, the parents’ association and from time to time with other educational organisations. This access allows us to bring our policies concerns and positions to other partners in education.
  • PDA Support Officers: The Executive of the PDA have selected the following as support officers to members. Members who need support or advice on such issues as trade union affairs, critical incidents, bullying, employment or employer difficulties are welcome to make contact with any of the support officers in the strictest confidence. Mr Michael Daly, Co-Opted. | | Mr Tom Hughes, Co-opted. | Mr Mattie Kilroy, Co-opted.

Join PDA for €100 per year

Pay your subscription to your Area Representative or Area Treasurer

Why Be a Member of PDA?

In today’s ever-changing educational landscape membership of PDA is a constant that you can rely on for support and advice in relation to your role as a Principal or Deputy Principal. Some of the advantages of membership are:

  • networking opportunities
  • professional development
  • a forum to express your views
  • source of up to date information
  • mediation support, if requested

The principal role of the PDA is to open up avenues of communication for members and to represent their views at national level to both the TUI and ETBI. The highlight of the year is the Annual Conference which is held each year in November. Motions passed at conference give the executive a mandate for the following year in relation to issues which are relevant to the working lives of Principals and Deputy Principals. The conference also offers opportunities for Continuous Professional Development as each year recognised experts from different sectors address conference on relevant topics. Also, conference allows members from throughout the country to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to renew acquaintances and to re-energise to meet the challenges of the important work that we undertake.